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How to Change Your Display in

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

Your display is what you see on certain pages in Salesforce and should be modified based on how you do your business. If you don’t use most of what’s on your screen every day, change your display to work with only what’s most relevant to you.

The display allows you to modify two things in Salesforce:

  • Your tabs

  • The related lists that appear on your records and their locations

Your administrator holds more Salesforce power than you do (unless, of course, you are another administrator) and can override your personal page customizations.

Customizing your tabs

Salesforce Service Cloud already comes with standard tabs and groups them into apps that you can choose from at the top right of any page. Your company or administrator may also create new tabs and apps. Either way, it’s likely that you don’t need to see all the tabs at the same time, and there are some that you’ll never use.

To customize the tabs you see, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Display & Layout section of the My Settings page’s sidebar.

    The section expands.

  2. Click the Customize My Tabs link.

    The Customize My Tabs page appears.

  3. Use the Custom App drop‐down to choose an app (you have access to) whose tabs you want to modify.

    The lists in the Available Tabs and Selected Tabs columns will change, depending on the custom app you choose. You may want to add more tabs to the app you normally work from and/or remove a few.

  4. Select a tab you want to add or remove and use the Add or Remove arrow buttons to do so.

    If you’re a support rep working out of the Service Cloud Console every day, you probably don’t need to see the Leads tab. You also may decide that you’d like to add the Contracts and Chatter tabs to access these more easily.

    Customizing your tabs.
    Customizing your tabs.
  5. To change the order in which your tabs appear, highlight the tab in the Selected Tabs column and use the Up, Down, Top, and Bottom arrows to move them.

  6. When you have your tabs looking the way you want, click Save.

    The Change My Display page appears again

Customizing your pages

From the Display & Layout section, you can customize the order of your related lists on a record page. You may do this to minimize scrolling if your particular job rarely looks at certain related lists but you want to keep others top of mind and as high up on the record as possible.

To customize your page display, follow these steps:

  1. From the Display & Layout section, click the Customize My Pages subsection. Select a page in the drop‐down and click the Customize Pages button beside it.

    The Customize Pages page that is specific to the tab you’ve chosen appears.

  2. Select the lists you want to add or remove and use the Add or Remove arrows to do so.

    For instance, if you have a knowledge base and don’t use Salesforce Solutions, you can remove the related list from the Case detail page.

  3. Click the up and down arrows to change the order the lists appear on your page layout.

  4. Click Save.

    The Customize My Pages page appears again.