How to Change Text and Dates in MYOB - dummies

How to Change Text and Dates in MYOB

Part of MYOB Software For Dummies Cheat Sheet (New Zealand Edition)

You can copy and paste text in MYOB as you would in any word processor. Here are the shortcuts:

Keystroke Combination Shortcut Result
Ctrl-A Selects all highlighted text
Ctrl-C Copies text
Ctrl-V Pastes text
Ctrl-X Deletes or cuts text
Ctrl-Z Undoes the last bit of text you have written (sometimes!)

You can also change dates easily and quickly. While the date is highlighted, try the following:

Keystroke Combination Shortcut Result
T Changes the date to today
+ (plus sign) Shifts the date forwards by one day
– (minus sign) Shifts the date backwards by one day
= (equals sign) Brings up a calendar