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How Service Cloud Measures the Health of Your Business

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

Service Cloud allows you to quickly create and capture a multitude of data points that you deem most important to the success of your business. This, in turn, benefits all levels of your organization so that everyone from a first-tier support rep to the CEO can get real-time actionable information pertaining to the health of the organization.

If you aren’t gauging the health or progress of your business, trying to improve it won’t get you far. The first step in improving your business is benchmarking: You need to know where you are before you can determine where you want to go.

Service reps can check how many issues they’ve remediated this week, managers can drill into urgent escalations, and the CEO can view steady decreases in operational cost in response to her call-deflection strategy.

Service Cloud brings this all together by organizing only those data points you want to see into meaningful reports and comprehensible dashboards. Charts, graphs, and easy-to-use formulas are only the beginning of synthesizing an overwhelming volume of information into traceable and actionable data. Say goodbye to hours of grueling manual preparation in spreadsheets for those weekly meetings.