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How Salesforce Service Cloud Helps Keep Customers Happy

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

Salesforce Service Cloud helps businesses keep their customers happy by keeping their information in one central place. From one page, you can see a customer’s personal information, as well as his recent interactions with your agents and the products he’s purchased.

Your agents have access to everything they need when they get that customer on the phone. Your customers will be pleased to have someone address their issue quickly without having to explain their backstory.

Even with the most customer-centric technology on earth, you can’t truly create meaningful customer relationships without people. Your customer service representatives are vital to the success of any service organization. A holistic approach to customer service begins with your employees genuinely caring about and listening to your customers. Empathy and understanding — combined with the power of knowing who the customer is and the customer’s history with your company — are gold.

Everyone on your team should be empowered to act on the deep understanding they have of your customers, as well as the desired customer experience. So, if Larry only contacts your business via email and never wants to receive phone calls, you can ensure that anyone servicing Larry will respect his wishes.