Creating Case Assignment Rules in - dummies

Creating Case Assignment Rules in

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

A case assignment rule in is really a grouping of rules that will help you automatically assign cases throughout your support organization based on criteria captured on the case records. Each assignment rule can have multiple rule entries. A rule entry represents a condition or set of criteria that, when matched, determines the assignment of a case.

To create an assignment rule, follow these steps:

  1. From Setup, under the Build section, choose Customize→Cases→Assignment Rules.

    The Case Assignment Rules page displays.

  2. Click New.

    The New Case Assignment Rule page appears.

  3. Choose a rule name.

    Leave the Active check box unchecked unless you want to activate your assignment rule immediately. Leave the rule inactive until you have the criteria clearly defined and set.

  4. Click Save.

    The Case Assignment Rules page reappears with your new rule saved.

  5. Click the Rule Name link for your new rule.

    The Case Assignment Rule detail page appears.

  6. Click New at the top of the Rule Entries list to add a new rule entry for your assignment rule.

    The Rule Entry edit page displays.

    The Rule Entry edit page.
    The Rule Entry edit page.
  7. In Step 1 of the Rule Entry edit page, enter a Sort Order for your rule entry. If this is your first rule entry, enter 1.

    You can reorder rule entries before activating your assignment rule.

  8. In Step 2 of the Rule Entry edit page, select the criteria for your rule entry.

    For example, you might choose to route cases based on priority. If so, you could enter a piece of criterion using the Priority field with the equals operator and set the value to High to create a rule entry for high‐priority cases.

  9. In Step 3 of the Rule Entry edit page, select the user or the queue that should be assigned to the case based on the criteria you entered ­earlier.

  10. Optionally, in Step 4 of the Rule Entry edit page, set predefined case teams to be added to each case that matches the criteria for this entry.

  11. Click Save.

    The Case Assignment Rule detail page reappears with your saved rule entry. You can create more rule entries and use the Reorder button on the Case Assignment detail page to choose the order in which the entries should be evaluated when assigning new cases.

  12. When you’ve finished defining and ordering your rule entries and you’re ready to start saving time by automating case assignments, click Edit at the top of the case assignment rule detail page, click the Active check box, and click Save.

You can create multiple case assignment rules, but only one rule can be activated in your organization at any given time. You may want to create multiple rules to use during different times of the year (if you have special holiday procedures, for example).

To ensure that your organization’s cases are always being routed to an owner, create a final rule entry with blank criteria and assign it to a manager or manager‐owned queue that can serve as a placeholder for any cases that sneak through your rule entries.