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Choosing the Right Edition of Service Cloud for Your Business

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

If you already use Sales Cloud (Salesforce’s platform and product for sales organizations), Salesforce offers bundle pricing that integrates both the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud platforms. Otherwise, there are three Service Cloud editions that you can choose from. Regardless of the edition you choose, the interface — the way it looks and feels — is the same, but each edition has slightly different functionality and pricing:

  • Professional: The Professional Edition is great for smaller contact centers. You get the core features of Service Cloud, such as case management and tracking, the Service Cloud Console, asset tracking, Chatter, auto-assignment and escalation rules, web and email-case capture, mobile access, contract management, email template management, and reports and dashboards.

    Chatter is a social collaboration tool that functions as a private social network for your business. It lets you stay in contact and collaborate with everyone you work with. For example, using Chatter you can post documents for an entire team to look at and even download.

  • Enterprise: The Enterprise Edition is the most popular and is intended for larger companies. Features include everything that’s available in the Professional Edition, as well as offline access, pages and Visualforce for custom development, integration via web services API, record types, and social media integration, as well as workflow and approval processes.

  • Unlimited: The Unlimited Edition gives you access to 24/7 customer support; unlimited online help, training materials, and videos; increased storage; and much greater capacity for tailoring and customization. That means that if something goes awry at 4 a.m. on a Sunday, you can contact agents with your questions. This edition is great for large companies with complex business processes. The Unlimited Edition requires a devoted administrator to take advantage of all the functionality it offers.

Salesforce also offers a Developer Edition, which is a free Salesforce instance with limited licenses that has full functionality for administrators and developers who need to test configurations and code customizations.

The best part about Service Cloud is how easy it is to use. Depending on the way your business works, you can choose an edition that suits your needs. And, because you’re in the cloud, you can simply add more licenses as your company scales or upgrade to another edition if you change your mind.