Answers vs. Chatter Answers in Salesforce Service Cloud - dummies

Answers vs. Chatter Answers in Salesforce Service Cloud

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

Part of Salesforce Service Cloud For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Both Answers and Chatter Answers bring Cases, Questions & Answers, and Salesforce Knowledge together to allow service organizations to provide self-service forums where customers can interact with each other and support agents to ask and answer questions.

Depending on when your organization started using Salesforce, Chatter Answers may be your only option. Salesforce Answers is not available to new organizations, but existing Answers communities can be converted to Chatter Answers communities with a license upgrade, which comes at an additional cost.

Chatter Answers represents the self-service, Q&A community of the present and future with Salesforce and empowers your service organization and customers with the following features:

  • Private conversations with agents: Customers have the option of interacting publicly or privately with support agents.

  • Email notifications: Customers receive email notifications when their questions are answered, or if their answers are chosen as best answers.

  • Multiple communities: Chatter Answers allows for multiple, dedicated communities to focus on particular topics and purposes.

  • Community governance: Chatter Answers communities allow users to flag abusive or inappropriate questions and replies.

  • Like posts or knowledge articles: Customers can also like posts and knowledge articles that they find helpful to drive the popularity of the most relevant posts.