5 Online Zoho Tutorials - dummies

5 Online Zoho Tutorials

By Steve Holzner

Part of Zoho For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A number of Zoho tutorials are readily available online. Most are video tutorials; that is, you get to watch what you’re interested in. Take a look. All of them can be very helpful.

  • Zoho App Videos

    Zoho offers a video introduction for all its applications. At this site, you can find official introduction videos for all Zoho applications. Just scroll down the page and make your choice from the palette of applications.

  • A Guided Tour of Zoho

    At this site, you can find a tour of Zoho. This hip video presents an overview not only of Zoho but also of the applications.

  • Zoho Projects Tutorial

    This tutorial is divided into Projects tasks, and it covers many common things you want to do with Projects, from adding milestones to adding tasks.

  • Creating Macros in Zoho Sheet

    This video tutorial is a useful one for creating macros in Sheet. See how to record a series of Sheet commands and play them back using a macro.

  • Zoho Writer Tutorial

    Zoho Writer is a big topic, and this is a good video tutorial that serves as an introduction to the topic. It’s a well-done video that covers the basics as well as some of Zoho Writer’s cool features.