How to Personalize Your YouTube Account - dummies

How to Personalize Your YouTube Account

By Doug Sahlin, Chris Botello

After you set up a YouTube account, you can personalize it by searching for videos that pique your curiosity. Personalize your YouTube account by saving something you like as a favorite for future viewing. You can create create video playlists, and leave comments for the users who upload videos you like. Chances are, they’ll be your kind of people, too.

The trick is to get past the home page and start surfing the categories and channels. Another place to look for your kind of video and your kind of people is in the YouTube Community section.

After you find what you like on the Tube, add the content to your channel. Each YouTuber with an account gets his or her own channel, and many people like to customize this space. When a fellow Tuber visits your channel, the visitor sees the first page of your channel.

Fellow YouTubers can dive deeper into your channel by clicking the section links. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find:

  • Uploaded Videos: Contains a list of videos you’ve uploaded to YouTube.

  • Favorites: Shows thumbnails of videos you’ve selected as favorites.

  • Playlists: Features playlists you create.

  • Groups: Shows groups that you join.

  • Friends: Shows the people you add as friends.

  • My Subscribers: Shows a list of YouTubers who subscribe to your channel.

  • Subscriptions: Shows a list of channels to which you subscribe.