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Exploring Specialty YouTube Accounts

By Doug Sahlin, Chris Botello

YouTube has different types of accounts that help focus your audience. For example, you can create a specialty YouTube account if you’re a comedian, director, guru (brainiac), or in the music business. Having a specialty YouTube account helps people find your material easily. For example, if you sign up for a Comedians account, all of your videos are found in the Comedians channel — a quick and easy destination for people who need a good laugh.

Specialty accounts come in several flavors:

  • Comedians: The hot spot to be if you’re a performing comedian or an aspiring comedian. It’s also the place to visit if you want a good laugh. These guys and gals will leave you in stitches. It’s their job.

    Turn to the Comedians channel when you need a laugh.
    Turn to the Comedians channel when you need a laugh.
  • Directors: The hotspot if you’re a videographer, aspiring actor, or a director wannabe.

  • Gurus: The hotspot if you’re a brainiac, and you want to pass your knowledge on to other YouTubers. This is also an excellent place if you’re an instructor of some sort and want to drive traffic to your Web site.

  • Musicians: The hotspot if you’re a musician, singer, recording label owner, or are involved in music in some other way. So if you have the notion to rock the boat baby, create a Musicians account. Who knows, MTV and Virgin Records may be surfing the Tube for talent and discover you.

  • Non-Profit: The place to be for videos from animal rights groups, nature conservation groups, health organizations, art societies and museums, and more.

  • Reporters: Get information from news agencies and reporters from around the world

Other YouTube specialty accounts are for Partners, Politicians, and Sponsors.