What to Do after a Hair Transplant Procedure - dummies

What to Do after a Hair Transplant Procedure

By William R. Rassman, Robert M. Bernstein, Jae Pak, Eric S. Schweiger

Part of Hair Loss and Replacement For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You’ve decided to cope with your hair loss by having hair transplant surgery — a decision many thousands of people are happy they made. After the surgery itself, the advice in the following list can help you resume everyday life with your new head of hair!

  • If you were taking Propecia, Proscar, or finasteride prior to your surgery, continue taking them as directed.

  • Thoroughly clean surgical sites of blood and crusts on the first day.

  • If there’s bleeding, apply direct pressure with a dry towel for ten-minute intervals until the bleeding stops.

  • Shampoo twice daily for the first three days, and then resume your normal shampooing routine. If the scalp becomes too dry, switch to baby shampoo.

  • Don’t use hair spray for a week, don’t use hair coloring products for two weeks, and don’t resume exercise for three weeks.

  • Don’t smoke for seven to ten days after the procedure, when healing is most critical.