Knowing the Ten Commandments for Self-Diagnosis - dummies

Knowing the Ten Commandments for Self-Diagnosis

Part of Diagnosing Your Health Symptoms For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Making an assessment and initial diagnosis of your health symptoms with the aim of forming a sensible ‘management plan’ often comes down to basic principles. Bear the following ‘commandments’ in mind when dealing with your medical problems:

  • Acquire some basic first aid skills.

  • Appreciate the limitations of self-diagnosis.

  • Check reliable websites on the Internet for additional information.

  • Choose medical services wisely.

  • Try to think of any obvious causes that may be responsible for your health problem.

  • Know your way around your body.

  • Look for additional clues to help when self-diagnosing.

  • Remember that children aren’t small adults as regards medical symptoms.

  • Self-treat when appropriate.

  • Understand that mental problems can cause physical symptoms.