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Keep CrossFit Safe by Finding a Good Coach

Is CrossFit safe? This debate has been raging almost since CrossFit became a thing. Many athletes swear by CrossFit, while other fitness experts claim it’s ineffective and dangerous.

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You’ll hear stories from athletes who have lifted weights for years who say they gained more strength and endurance from CrossFit than any other exercise program. You’ll also meet people who could never stick with an exercise program until they tried CrossFit, and are now in the best shape of their lives. And you’ll also find people say that you should avoid CrossFit at all costs and that with every minute you spend in a CrossFit class, you’re risking serious bodily harm.

CrossFit coaches urge participants to scale the workouts to fit their abilities. However, CrossFit classes have a competitive nature to them and part of the CrossFit culture is the unending push to get better, lift more, and go faster. This mentality could increase the chances of injury, if a person isn’t careful.

Perhaps the key to having a successful and safe CrossFit experience is finding a class with a good coach. Like any job, if you look hard enough you’ll find CrossFit coaches who are excellent as well as coaches who seriously need a career change. A good coach carefully teaches the class how to perform each movement correctly and pays attention to every class member’s form while they work out.

Choosing a good coach can be difficult for someone new to fitness. Consider these questions as a starting point:

  • Does the coach explain the exercises in a way that you understand?

  • Does he watch every person as they’re working out and offer corrections when someone’s not doing it quite right?

  • Do you feel that your instructor cares about you as a person?

Those are signs of a good coach.

Conversely, if you see a coach who seems to favor some class members over others; who gets distracted by side conversations, his cell phone, or the music; or who doesn’t make sense when he’s explaining a new exercise, you might be wise to choose a new CrossFit gym.

However great your coach is, it’s still your responsibility to be mindful of how your body feels. You have to know whether what you’re feeling is soreness from muscle fatigue or pain from injury or overexertion. If it’s the latter, stop working out until the problem is corrected.