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How to Use a Rolling Stair Climber

A rolling stair climber looks like a section of a department-store escalator. A set of stairs rotates in a circle so that you climb continuously, ever upward, but never getting anywhere. You look straight ahead into the console, which allows you to adjust the speed.

In many ways, the rolling stair-climber is a better workout than a regular stair-climber. It’s harder to cheat, because you’re forced to take a fairly deep stride to place your foot onto the next step. (However, you can still cheat by clenching the side rails.) This machine gives you a tremendous butt and thigh workout.

If you have knee or back problems, this form of exercise may not agree with you.

The rolling stair-climber is a good machine to try when you’re looking to make stair-climbing even more challenging. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Start at a very slow speed. This is one machine you can definitely slide off of if you can’t maintain the pace. Start at a very slow speed until you can confidently navigate the height of the step.

  • Start with just five or ten minutes. Even if you’re in great shape on the traditional stair-climber, treadmill, or other cardio machine, you may find this contraption startlingly tough.

  • Try climbing every other step. This technique gives you a killer butt workout and a good stretch in your legs — but this technique is not for beginners.