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How to Find a Teacher or Class for Mind-Body Workouts

By Therese Iknoian

How do you find the right class or teacher for your mind-body workout? Start by gathering from classes, private instruction, books, videos, or web sites. Who knows what treasure you may discover down the street! And sometimes you can actually discover a teacher-down-the-street by surfing the web, no matter how worldwide it is.

When finding a teacher, trainer, or class, think locally. Even if you start that search globally.

  • Local health clubs: If you belong to a health club or gym, you may find a class right in front of your nose. Many fitness centers are mixing mind-body classes with traditional offerings these days. That also includes a community center, adult education school, or senior center.

  • Inquiries with those you know: Ask around. Some of your friends may be taking classes and want to share their finds with you! Try asking at local sport stores or even health food or alternative stores, or read their bulletin boards.

  • Let your fingers do the walking: Try the phone book (print or electronic version). The trick is discovering where to look in your local phone book. It may be under Yoga, Wellness, Fitness, Health Clubs, New Age, Mind-Body, or other such listings.

    You may also find that names of centers could be misleading — one may call itself a Yoga Club, but if you call you may find out the center also offers Tai Chi. Many of these mind-body methods are crossing over, given that one who does one practice is often interested in doing others. So ask.

  • Referrals from national associations: Contact a national organization or association (either by phone or on the web). Many maintain lists of teachers you can research by area. Even if the group doesn’t list someone in your area, ask further. The number of teachers is changing so quickly that groups often can’t update printed or electronic lists fast enough.

  • Recommendations from area teachers: If you find a teacher or class, but the location is a bit too far from you, ask that teacher if he or she knows another class or teacher located closer to you. Each method tends to have a network, and teachers know who is where and doing what.

  • Browsing the Internet: Input your area of interest and see what comes up. You can narrow the search by putting in your city if you want, and may be able to find local instructors and classes.