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6 Tips for a Consistent Mind-Body Fitness Routine

By Therese Iknoian

Anybody can find 10–20 minutes a day a few times a week to practice a mind-body routine. Study after study shows that lack of time is the number one reason people give for not exercising. But, it’s all about planning and consistency.

If even that sounds like a lot of time all at once, know that you can gain nearly the same benefits even if you muster only three to five “time-outs” of a couple of minutes each. Those few minutes alone can help you find a lasting mind-body experience.

If you have trouble finding the time, read through the following list. These tips can help you find your motivation.

  • Everybody starts with 168 hours: That’s how many hours you have each week. No more, no less. It’s all about how you use that time. Take a few minutes and mentally walk through your typical weekdays and weekends — take notes if you need to — to discover when you can fit in your mind-body fitness routine.

  • Make a fitness appointment: Just as you pencil in a doctor’s appointment or a coffee date with your father, slot in a time for your exercise. If someone calls and needs something or wants you to go somewhere, just say, “I have an appointment.” Your caller doesn’t have to know that your appointment was a Yoga session in the backyard.

  • Find a buddy: Recruit a neighbor to join you after work, a colleague to take part at lunch, or your family to try it out with you on a weekend morning. Having a partner can help you stick with it.

  • Take a class: A class with a good instructor can be motivating and challenging. You find out about new methods, new ways of doing an old method, and just get psyched up again from the energy of others around you. You also get personal instruction about your technique.

  • Get some clothing or gear: This may sound trite, but there’s nothing like embarking on a mind-body practice and really feeling the part in your new unitard or on your new sticky mat, which are fairly small investments. Plus, just putting on your outfit or rolling out the mat can help get you in the mood.

  • Take five . . . minutes that is: Even a few minutes a few times a day can help you feel the benefits of mind-body. Avoid saying to yourself, “Why bother?” if you only have a few minutes now and then.