How to Enjoy Steaks and Chop House Food without Triggering IBS Symptoms

By Carolyn Dean, L. Christine Wheeler

If you have IBS, you don’t have to give up the steakhouse! They may be more expensive, but you can have a well-prepared yet simple grilled steak, fish, or chicken and side order of cooked vegetables and call it a great night.

The first items that appear to the table are ice water and the bread basket, but if you stay away from both, you should be fine. For most people, ice water chills the stomach and may cause cramping. French bread is an acceptable soluble side, so if you need one and it’s great French bread, go ahead.

Don’t be afraid of doggie bags so you can eat lightly and take the rest home and enjoy it later. Freeze your leftovers right away and eat them a few days later so that you aren’t overloading on certain foods.

Be aware of salad bar offerings. Many people have reported IBS reactions after having been to a salad bar. Turns out many restaurants with large buffets and salad bars use a preservative spray on the vegetables to keep them looking fresh and crisp, which is likely what’s causing the problems. Just check with the restaurant staff to see whether a particular place uses the spray.