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How to Enjoy Italian Food without Triggering IBS Symptoms

By Carolyn Dean, L. Christine Wheeler

Although you may consider lasagna, garlic bread, and wine comfort food, if you have IBS, your bowels may not agree. Bread, wheat pasta, and sauces made with creams can pose a real hazard to your IBS; you especially want to stay away from the stuffed pastas that can be too creamy, cheesy, and dense for your sensitive system.

Pizza probably isn’t the best choice for you either, although you may be able to remove the meat and vegetables and enjoy the crust (if you’re not wheat sensitive), sauce, and a safe cheese.

But never fear — you may still be able to find some great, friendly options at the local Italian eatery. Veal, chicken, and fish are common in Italian cuisine, and many restaurants that are conscious of their customers’ dietary needs will happily grill the meat instead of cooking it in a sauce.

Most Italian restaurants serve risotto, which is a rice dish, so they likely have rice on hand; try ordering plain rice with a basic tomato sauce. Or if tomato isn’t on your safe list, make it risotto in clear broth.

Also ask about the soup of the day — it’s often made with simple ingredients. Salads and side dishes of cooked vegetables like potatoes and broccoli may be available plain — always ask for sauces on the side so you can control the amounts.