How to Use Siri to Play Music on Your Apple Watch - dummies

How to Use Siri to Play Music on Your Apple Watch

By Marc Saltzman

Do you know what’s even faster than tapping and scrolling to find music on your Apple Watch? Asking Siri to play it for you. Say you’re itching to hear a song in your collection that’s been stuck in your head all day. Or maybe you want to give your favorite band’s new greatest hits album a spin from beginning to end? All you need to do is ask Siri (politely) to play an individual song or album.

As long as you’re in a place you can talk freely, Siri can launch a song, album, artist, playlist, or genre — just by your asking for it.

To have Siri help you play your music via Apple Watch, raise your wrist and say “Hey, Siri, play _____ (name of song, artist, playlist, and so on).” Or press and hold the Digital Crown button and Siri is activated. Ask away!

After Siri processes your request — and don’t forget, you need cellular or Wi-Fi for this to work — you should see and hear the music you asked for via your iPhone (or, if only stored on Apple Watch, through Bluetooth headphones).

Some examples of what you can ask Siri to play:

  • “Play ‘Take Me to Church.’” (individual song)

  • “Play Katy Perry.” (artist)

  • “Play ‘Road Trip’ playlist.” (specific playlist)

  • “Play some hip-hop.” (genre)

  • “Shuffle my music.” (shuffling all tracks)

  • “Shuffle James Brown.” (shuffling tracks by a certain artist)

  • “What song is this?” or “Who is this?” (Siri shows and/or tells you.)

  • “Play similar music.” (to play similar music to what you’re listening to)

You can also control your music with your voice. The following are some commands you can give to take control over your tunes via your voice. Press and hold the Digital Crown button (or raise your arm and say “Hey, Siri”), followed by:

  • “Play” to play the song shown on your watch screen.

  • “Pause” to pause the track you’re listening to.

  • “Skip” to go to the next track.

  • “Next” to (also) go to the next track.

  • “Previous song” or “Play previous song” to have Siri play the previously played song.