How to Send a Sketch from Your Apple Watch - dummies

How to Send a Sketch from Your Apple Watch

By Marc Saltzman

You can draw on your Apple Watch screen and the share your creation — a sketch — with another Apple Watch owner. To create and send a sketch from your Apple Watch, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Side button to bring up your Friends ring — regardless of what you’re doing on your Apple Watch.

  2. Twist the Digital Crown button to select someone (or touch the person’s initials on the screen to jump right there).

    After selecting someone, you should see ways to reach out to that person at the bottom of the screen. If that person has an Apple Watch, you should see a Digital Touch icon, which looks like a hand with a forefinger extended.

  3. Tap the Digital Touch icon.

    You can now draw, tap, or put two fingers on the screen to send your heartbeat.

    For sketches, start drawing on the black screen and you should see your image appear. You can draw a smiley face, a star, a heart, a flower, a sun, a fish, written-out words, or anything else you can think of. Because your friend is wearing an Apple Watch, that person sees the drawing appear on his or her wrist just as you drew it. He or she knows it’s from you because your name is in the top-left corner (which is the same for a tap and a heartbeat).


When sending a sketch, you can tap the small circle at the top right of the Apple Watch screen to change colors.


Apple Watch is little more than two square inches; therefore, don’t expect to paint a masterpiece, but sketches are fun and creative ways to reach out to others. The person who receives a sketch can reply with one too, and you can chat back and forth like this to your heart’s content.