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How to Personalize Reminders, Feedback, and Achievements on Apple Watch

By Marc Saltzman

Despite what you’ve heard, information is bliss — not ignorance. Apple Watch can not only calculate your workouts for you, but it can also present the data in an accessible way so you can see how well (or poorly) you’re doing toward reaching your fitness goals. Actually, the watch goes one step further: It can nudge you to be more active, provide weekly goal summaries, and reward you for a job well done.


Apple Watch delivers customizable coaching reminders that can help you reach your Activity goals: Move, Exercise, and Stand. You can disable these in Apple Watch app on the iPhone. Go to Settings→Activity.

Along with notifying you to get up when you’ve been idle for too long, over time, Apple Watch learns your goals and accomplishments and suggests a daily Move goal for the week that’s achievable. You can adjust your fitness goals — whether it’s bumping them up or trimming them down — to something more reasonable based on your capabilities or time.


Every Monday, you should receive a weekly check-in, which serves as a summary of your Activity progress. It might say something like this: “Last week’s Active Calorie burn goal was 300. You hit it 4 out of 7 days.” On the graph that accompanies the text, you can see which days you reached your goal and by how much; the higher the vertical column, the better you did. You should see all seven days of the week presented.

You can also open the Activity app to glimpse how you’re doing per day, and you can always swipe down from within the Activity app to see an hour-by-hour account of your daily Move, Exercise, and Stand goals.


Isn’t it enough incentive to know you’re doing well? Well, not always. Let’s face it: It’s nice to be acknowledged for your efforts — and even rewarded.

“Get a pat on the back, right on the wrist,” says Apple on its website.

Earn special badges. These badges are stored in the Activity app on your iPhone, which you can look at with pride.

Some examples of Move badges include:

  • Perfect Month: Earn this award when you reach your Move goal every day of a single month — from the month’s first day to the last.

  • Move Goal 200%: Earn this award every time you double your daily Move goal.

  • 100 Move Goals: Earn this award when you reach your daily Move goal 100 times.

More importantly, perhaps it’ll encourage you to keep going.