How to Add Weather and Stocks to Your Apple Watch Face Screen - dummies

How to Add Weather and Stocks to Your Apple Watch Face Screen

By Marc Saltzman

Apple Watch lets you customize your watch face in a variety of different ways including the option to add complications. Complications are extra information you want visible on the watch face itself — such as weather and stocks — so you can see it when you’re checking the time.

Depending on which watch face you choose, complications are usually reserved for the four corners of the screen and perhaps the bottom center. When you tap on the piece of information provided, such as the weather, it opens up the corresponding app for a deeper look.

To add weather and stock information — or other complications, such as moon phase, sunrise and sunset information, alarm clocks, timers, and so on — to your watch face, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the screen when viewing the watch face.

    This enables Force Touch and launches the Faces gallery.

  2. Swipe left or right to select a clock face you like.

  3. Tap Customize near the bottom of the screen to add more information to each watch screen.

    You can adjust the color of the hands and add or remove details, such as the second hand, by twisting the Digital Crown button.

  4. Swipe to the left to go to the last customization screen, which takes you to complications.


    This is where you can add weather and stock quotes to the watch face you’ve selected.

  5. Tap the areas you want to customize and then twist the Digital Crown button to select what you’d like.

    Repeat the process by tapping the other areas of the face you want to change. Remember, you won’t have the same options for all watch faces.

  6. Press the Digital Crown button when you’re done customizing.

  7. Once you make your choices, press the Digital Crown button again to go back to the Home screen.

    Once you’ve set your watch face, don’t forget you can tap on each of the complications, such as weather or stock quotes, to go directly to that app.

You can take a screenshot of whatever you’re doing on Apple Watch. Simply press the Digital Crown button and the Side button at the same time and you should see the screen briefly flash white. Now check your iPhone’s Photos app. Your newly captured image should be there.