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How to Access Your Calendar on Apple Watch

By Marc Saltzman

Because your Apple Watch is wirelessly tethered to your smartphone, you can access handy calendar information on your wrist. In fact, the Calendar app not only syncs with your iPhone, but it also syncs with iCloud if you use Apple’s popular cloud service to store and access information.

Featuring day, week, and month views — including support for reminders, invitations, Glances, and Notifications — the Calendar app on Apple Watch shows you a list of upcoming events.

To use the Calendar app on your Apple Watch, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Digital Crown button to go to the Home screen.

  2. Tap the Calendar app.

    This launches the Calendar app. By default, you should see the current Today view — with your upcoming events listed in chronological order.

  3. Use your fingertip to scroll down to see future dates or twist the Digital Crown button toward you.


    This experience is similar to the Calendar app on iPhone. The current time is also listed in the top right of the Calendar app.

  4. In the main Calendar app screen, tap the Today tab in the top left to access the Week or Month view. If you want to look at a date (such as Friday, October 16), just tap the day on the calendar for a Day view.


    In Month view, you can swipe left or right to move forward or backward through time or twist the Digital Crown button if you prefer.

    Just like you can set Reminders on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can activate Siri on your Apple Watch and say something like “At 6 p.m., remind me to call Mom.” It doesn’t make a Calendar entry for this event, but you’re reminded with a sound, a vibration on your wrist, and a text. Remember, Apple Watch has no keyboard, so you must dictate the reminder.

  5. To add a new event, press and hold the Apple Watch screen while inside the Calendar app. You’re prompted to tap New and then select a date and time for the event and you speak into your wrist for the title of your event.

    You can speak loudly, as Apple’s dictation is quite good, but try to talk clearly and with as little ambient noise around you as possible.

Don’t forget, Apple Watch pulls calendar events from your iPhone. And you don’t always have to manually check your calendar for upcoming appointments, as you should receive a Notification about it (and feel a slight pulse). Some users like to be reminded an hour before an event, for example, while others might only want a five-minute reminder. This is all handled in your iPhone’s Calendar app.

Also, when you receive calendar invitations, you can accept or decline immediately and even email the organizer using preset responses.

To accept or decline a Calendar invitation or to reply to the organizer from your Apple Watch, following these steps:

  1. If someone sends you a calendar invite via email or message, you should receive a Notification with the proposed meeting date, time, and information, such as “Natalie’s B-Day Party, September 19, 2015, 6:00pm.”

    This is where you have a chance to act on it — and you won’t have to reach for your iPhone.

  2. Use your finger to swipe down on the Notification or twist the Digital Crown button and then you can tap Accept, Maybe, or Decline.

    You can’t suggest an alternate date or time or anything — like you can do with some email programs — but this lets the organizer receive some sort of response.

  3. Swipe up to respond to an invitation and firmly press (Digital Touch) the display while you’re looking at the event details and choose to call the organizer or send a voice message recording.

    You can also perform all these functions inside the Calendar app — instead of via a Notification — by tapping on the meeting details and choosing to accept, decline, or reply.

Don’t forget that you can raise your wrist and say “Hey, Siri” or press and hold the Digital Crown button and then say something like “Add calendar entry, dentist appointment, for 9 a.m. tomorrow.” This spoken text is added to your calendar and synced with your iPhone too.

Or use Siri to ask Apple Watch about upcoming events, such as “What’s on my calendar today?” “What’s next on my calendar?” or “When is my appointment at the dentist?”

You don’t need your iPhone to receive calendar alerts on your Apple Watch. Therefore, if you go on a run or accidentally leave your iPhone at the office, you can still see existing calendar entries, but you can’t add one. Why? Because Apple Watch doesn’t have a keyboard, you have to use Siri to dictate new appointments, which isn’t possible without the iPhone.