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Manage Your Published Content to Enhance Job Search Efforts

By Joshua Waldman

Google is a pretty sophisticated robot. If you suddenly dump all kinds of new content for your job search with your name online, Google is likely to call foul. To avoid problems, make the process of building your online reputation methodical and consistent over many months. Don’t expect to see results right away. You’re running a marathon, not a sprint.

Base the frequency and length of your reputation-building campaign entirely on the results of your initial assessment. Ideally, you’ll post content about once a week. But if you fall into the category of having a bad online reputation, you may even consider posting content twice a week for six months.

To help keep track of when and what you want to post, prepare an editorial calendar (just like you would if you were running a newspaper or a blog). In a spreadsheet, map out 26 weeks for the first half of the year. Then write down which piece of content you’re going to post for each week.

This type of preplanning helps you pace yourself, lower your stress level, and avoid getting on Google’s bad side by dumping tons of content online all at once. If you don’t have enough repurposed content to fill up each week, consider generating new material.