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The Manage Subscriptions Link for Your YouTube Channel

By Rob Ciampa, Theresa Moore, John Carucci, Stan Muller, Adam Wescott

This link in YouTube has a clear and descriptive title — use it to go to a new page where you can manage the various YouTube channels you as a viewer have subscribed to. (The figure shows an example of a Manage Subscriptions page.)

The Manage Subscriptions page.
The Manage Subscriptions page.

To do all this managing, you’ll make (frequent) use of this page’s extensive set of links, as described in this list:

  • Collections: You can organize your subscriptions into custom groups called collections. For example, if a creator you follow has more than one channel, you can organize those channels into a collection that allows you to keep up with everything that person is doing across a number of channels. The possibilities are nearly endless, allowing you to organize by genre or almost any criteria you can imagine.

    • The check box: This button at the top of the subscription list allows you to select all or none of the videos in your list. This is handy when you want to take action on several of your channels at a time.

    • Actions: Clicking the Actions button reveals a number of choices, each of which has a check box on the individual channel level of the list. This Actions button is mainly for performing actions on more than one channel at a time. You could, for example, check the Send Me Updates option, which will send you email notifications when a new video has been released; checking Unsubscribe lets you unsubscribe from multiple channels at the same time. These actions can be taken on the individual subscriptions as well.

  • Individual Subscriptions: Each channel you subscribe to has a line in the subscription list. The most important options are in the check boxes on each subscription’s line:

    • Send Me Updates: Do you want to receive an email every time one of the channels you subscribe to uploads a video? Most subscribers don’t, so you can leave this box unchecked. If you have a lot of subscriptions, this option can pretty quickly overwhelm your inbox, so use this option with caution. The upside is that you can set it for each channel, so if you have a few channels that you really care about, this feature can be useful.

    • Show Only Uploads in Feed: When this check box is selected, you see only new video uploads from that creator in your subscription feed. By default you aren’t notified in your subscription feed when this creator comments on videos, favorites videos, or takes any number of actions.

Keeping an eye on more than video uploads might be a good idea in some cases, especially as you’re learning about building your audience. For example, seeing how often a channel you admire is commenting on videos and interacting with other creators can give you some insight into how successful creators behave on YouTube. You might learn something about how to interact with your own potential audience.