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Just like a web browser, YouTube channels also have tabs. Tabs are helpful for viewers looking to navigate your channel quickly and efficiently. Each tab has a different functionality intended to help the viewing experience. The following tabs appear below your channel banner:
  • Home: A viewer sees this tab by default when they click on your channel from a YouTube search or if they manually type in your channel address in their web browser. If you've created one, your Channel Trailer and Sections all appear here on the Home tab.

  • Videos: The Videos tab contains exactly what you’d expect — all public videos on the channel. The default view is Newest Videos First — the videos that were added to the channel most recently. The viewer can always sort by Oldest Videos First or Most Popular as well.

  • Playlists: The Playlist tab is where all your channel’s public playlists can be found. As a creator, you can fill up playlists with your own content. You can also curate content from other YouTube channels for your ­playlists.

Playlists also come up in YouTube search results, so be sure to always use descriptive thumbnails for your videos, as well as compelling playlist descriptions. Playlists are a great way to extend your viewers’ session time on your channel. Session time directly supports your channel ranking and discoverability on YouTube search.

  • Community: This feature, available only to channels with more than 1,000 subscribers, replaces the Discussion tab. If it's unlocked, you're able to use this tab to post images, videos, and polls.
  • Channels: If you have partnerships, this tab is the place to add all ofthose channels that you associate with. If you are a brand that owns many channels, you’ll want to make sure all of your channels are listed here for easy discoverability and reference for the viewers. This is a quick way to get interested viewers to consume more related content.

  • Discussion: Viewers are sure to comment on your channel and videos if you are creating engaging content. You can follow along with all the channel comments here on this tab. When logged in, you can remove inappropriate comments or report spam comments directly.

  • About: This tab acts as your opportunity to tell your viewers all about yourself and/or your business. You can include an email address for viewers to contact you outside of YouTube. You can also include any relevant social network sites that you might be active on. Your viewers can come here to see some quick stats on your channel, such as your total view count, number of subscribers, and the date you created your YouTube channel.

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