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After you log into your YouTube account, the left sidebar contains a plethora of information. Click the Subscriptions link to see the most recent uploads for all of the channels you’ve subscribed to, from most recent to oldest.

If your channel is new and you haven’t subscribed to anyone yet, this listing displays suggested genres and creators to get you started. Subscriptions are a good way to keep track of the channels you like on YouTube.

YouTube manage subscriptions window YouTube Subscriptions page

On the Subscriptions page, you have the following tools for managing your subscriptions:
  • Manage: Clicking this link takes you to a separate page listing all of your subscriptions. Here, you’re given the option to unsubscribe from any channels as well as alter their notification settings. (Notifications are denoted by the Bell icon in the top right of the screen.) You have the choice of All, Personalized, or None. All notifies you of any and all upload activity. Personalized notifies you of only certain uploads, based on a variety of variables, including your watch history. Finally, None turns off all notifications, if you really just don’t want to be bothered (or if you just like surprises).
  • Arrangement: To the right of Manage are two icons. The leftmost icon, featuring a cluster of six boxes, reconfigures the page to display as a grid, showing only thumbnails, titles, and views. The icon to the right, with three squares and three lines, lists all uploads instead, allowing you to view the first part of the video description without having to click the actual video.

Keeping an eye on more than video uploads might be a good idea in some cases, especially as you’re learning about building your audience. For example, seeing how often a channel you admire is commenting on videos and interacting with other creators can give you some insight into how successful creators behave on YouTube. You might learn something about how to interact with your own potential audience.

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