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When your YouTube channel account is in good standing, be sure to check the rest of the fields on your channel’s Status and Features page. Checking which YouTube features are enabled is straightforward:
  1. Log in to your YouTube account.
  2. Click your Account icon and then choose Settings from the drop-down menu that appears.
  3. A list of options shows up below your YouTube avatar.
  4. Select Channel Status and Features. Channel is selected by default. There are many other options you can manage, such as Upload Defaults, Permissions, Community, etc. The Channel section is divided into three tabs: Basic Info, Advanced Settings, and Feature Eligibility, which is selected by default.
  5. Click the disclosure arrow to the right of Default Features. The default YouTube features are displayed. If your channel is free from strikes due to violating community guidelines, the default features you are entitled to are:
    1. Video uploads
    2. Playlist creation
    3. Add collaborators to playlists
    4. Add new videos to existing playlists

Additional features

After confirming your default features, you can enable features that require phone verification, including videos that are longer than 15 minutes, custom thumbnails, live streaming and more. If you are entitled to these features, the word Eligible appears next to the paragraph that describes theses features. Here's how to activate them:
  1. Click the disclosure arrow to the right of Eligible. A section called Requirements appears. The first requirement is that the default features are enabled for your channel. If they are enabled, the Verify Phone Number link (it’s colored royal blue) is available.
  2. Click the Verify Phone Number link. The Phone Verification (step 1 of 2) dialog appears. This section ensures YouTube that you are a live human being, and not a robot. Your options to verify are:
    1. Text me the verification code: YouTube sends the verification code via text message to the number you provide.
    2. Call me with an automated text message: YouTube calls the number you provide and plays a voice message with the verification code
  3. Choose your country from the drop-down list, and then enter your phone number.
  4. After entering your phone number, the Get Code link becomes available.
  5. Click Get Code. YouTube sends you the code via the option you choose in Step 7.
  6. Enter the code and click Submit. YouTube displays a message that your number has been verified. You are now entitled to the features listed in Step 5.

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