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Use Social Media Review Site Angie’s List to Your Advantage

By Marsha Collier

One of the most important components of social media for businesses is the peer-to-peer review. If you don’t already know about Angies List, you should — especially if you offer a service or have a professional business. Angie’s List, shown in this figure, is a subscription-only regional aggregator of consumer reviews of local service providers. Subscription prices are based on where you live (in more than 186 markets).


Different than Yelp, Angie’s List centers on “high cost of failure” services, those that would be expensive for the consumer to fix if projects or services don’t end up as planned.

Customers influence one another more than companies do. Angie’s List recognizes this trend by providing an open forum for registered users (real people) to recommend — or warn others about — plumbers, roofers, gardeners, handymen, doctors, and more. Angie’s List believes in accountability and provides ways for businesses and consumers to work out issues.

With an estimated 1.2 million consumer members, Angie’s List reports receiving approximately 40,000 new consumer reviews on service companies each month in more than 500 categories. The site does not allow the posting of anonymous reviews because it expects its members to “take responsibility for their words.”

Reviews are more structured on Angie’s List than on Yelp because it uses a standard format that consumers must follow. Angie’s List also averages the reports to give them a letter grade of A through F.

Your business can receive reviews on Angie’s List whether or not you register at the site. However, registering allows you to interact with customers who may post complaints about your business. Their Company Connect department can help you respond to reviewers and acts as a liaison between customers and contractors.

If your business receives a complaint on the site and you don’t respond, you might be put in the “Penalty Box,” for all consumers in your area to see.

To register your business at the site, visit the Angie’s List Business Center. You’ll also be allowed to customize your profile and access business tools.