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Use Photos on Social Media Sites to Promote Business

By Marsha Collier

Photos make a web page pop and are proven to attract more eyes to your social media updates or website. Many social media sites, such as Facebook, Picasa, and Flickr, allow you to share and store photos.

How many photographs do you take with your phone each day? Some of them would be great to share on your website and in social media. In this review of the new Corvette, the author included photos from her smartphone (see figure).

Preview of a blog post about corvettes

Most smartphones allow you to upload photos directly to your Facebook account, but photos uploaded to Facebook are not sharable elsewhere (without bringing the viewer back to Facebook). Instead, try Google+ Picasa or Yahoo! Flickr when uploading and storing your photos. Either platform makes it easy to post images to promote your business.

Flickr is one of the top choices because it lets you embed on your blog or site without sending the visitor back to Flickr. By not hosting the actual picture on the page, an embedded photo speeds up your site’s page load time.

In addition, you can create a link to your page post within the description on Flickr. In this way, those who see the image on Flickr may just click through to your site.

By posting pictures to one of these platforms in your business name, you benefit from increased search engine indexing. If you have a personal Flickr account, you can brand a set of albums in your business name within your personal collections. All major search engines consider these sites to be a major component in the social ranking aspects of searches.

When posting business photos in a personal account folder, be sure to mention your business name in the title of the image.

These sites do not store the photos on your computer. If photos are uploaded from a device other than your computer, you can (as the owner of the pictures) download them. (You can also give others rights to use your pictures.)

Not every picture you have needs to be shared. On Google+, Picasa, Picasa Web, and Flickr, you can choose to make uploaded photos (such as those from your smartphone or mobile device) private or visible to only people you select.