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Social Media Commerce: Use Google Analytics to Analyze Website

By Marsha Collier

Google Analytics is a free service that generates detailed statistics about your website’s visitors to help you plan your online marketing. Analytics is the most widely used service on the web, with a total of 10 million users, of which 57 percent are listed in the top 10,000 sites.

Google offers a premium version for a fee, but most businesses are happy with the free basic version. You can use this tool right away to study the people who visit your site.

Analytics provides a huge breadth of data. You learn how people found your site, from where they found it, how they viewed it, and more. This figure shows you the summary page of a site that is rarely publicized on the web.


From the Google Analytics data, you learn which parts of your site are reaching the most people and which items they find the best. A few of the statistics you can measure are

  • Demographics: The language spoken by and the location of your visitors.

  • Behavior: Whether your visitors are new or returning to the site, how often they return, how recently they visited, and the time they spent on your pages.

  • Technology: Which browser and operating system your visitors used, as well as their Internet service provider.

  • Sources: Where your visitors are coming from as well as whether they typed your URL directly or were referred from another site.

  • Search: Which search engine, if any, your visitors used to find you and the keywords they entered.

  • Social analytics: Which of your social media sites draw people in? This figure shows a sample of traffic data from social networks.


  • Content: Which pages draw the most attention, the pages your visitors read, and the time they spent on each.

    See which type of content resonates most with your site visitors. Then build more of that type of content to attract new and repeat visitors.

  • Conversions: Transaction data on items you sell from your site.