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Social Media Commerce: Unfollow Dead Twitter Accounts

By Marsha Collier

If you want to use the social media tool Twitter to increase your sales, you need to remove dead accounts from your Twitter stream. After all, following a bunch of people who aren’t Tweeting or, worse, are spammers, is just a waste of time. When it comes to Internet metrics, following these types of accounts can lower your numbers.

When you’ve researched the people you follow on Twitter and feel it’s time to unfollow some of them, check out Untweeps. The program uses the Twitter API (application programming interface) to unfollow those you select from a list of people who haven’t updated their account in a set number of days.

The site requests that you sign in to your Twitter account. Do so, and the site whirs and grinds for a while and then presents a list of dead accounts, like the one shown in the figure, along with the last date the accounts updated on the site. You may be shocked at the number of results.


The only fly in the ointment is that you have to click to add a checkmark next to each account you want to unfollow. After you’ve completed all the clicks, click the Unfollow Selected Tweeps button.

A superior free platform for finding spam-ridden and dead accounts is TwitCleaner. Their approach — “Twitter is about quality not quantity” — is sound and their reports are very detailed. After you sign in with your Twitter account on the site, they build a current report and direct-message you on Twitter when it is done.

They examine your account deeply and find not only dead accounts but also those who are using Twitter as a place to promote their own agendas. TwitCleaner finds the accounts who don’t listen. Highly recommended.

Disengaging from those who don’t connect with you

Part of the fun and engagement on Twitter is following back those who choose to follow you. By using Twitter private lists, you can watch a group of select friends, be they customers or family.

However, chances are that some people have followed you but you haven’t followed back because you’ve been too busy with other things. Go to JustUnfollow and sign in with your Twitter account. You’ll see lists of those who don’t follow you back and those who are fans but you aren’t following back, as shown in the figure.


Below their IDs and avatars are the number of people they follow, the number that follow them, and their total number of Tweets. You’ll find some who spew pointless Tweets or Tweet little in proportion to the number of people they follow; this info can be a tipping point as to whether you choose to follow them. One account had over 19,000 followers, followed more than 20,000, and has Tweeted just 643 times. Smells fishy. Stats like that are red flags for spammers.

You can unfollow or follow 25 people per visit to the site at no charge. For $9.99 a year, you can unfollow or follow an unlimited number of people per visit.