Social Commerce on Amazon: Associates Site Stripe - dummies

Social Commerce on Amazon: Associates Site Stripe

By Marsha Collier

When you become an associate and sign into your Amazon account to browse, your pages have an Associates stripe at the top. You can turn off the bar, but you might find it handy because it allows you to make affiliate links on-the-fly.

The Associates bar is broken up into nine parts. The portions of the bar most relevant to social media commerce are shown in the figure and described in the following:

  • Link to This Page: Opens a window where you can create put a product link on your website.

  • Add to Widget: Adds an additional item to a widget you’ve already created for an item.

  • Share: Provides a long link to share on Twitter. Use this option when you’re in a conversation with someone and you want to recommend a book or product. Copy and paste the supplied link (which includes code to identify your Associate account) into a URL shortener such as bitly or Tweetdeck (to automatically shorten the link), and craft a conversational Tweet.

  • Your Earnings Summary: Shows whether anyone is clicking your links and how much you’ve earned on sold items. Use this button to see how your links are performing.

    Click the bar to monetize.
    Click the bar to monetize.

You can accomplish these tasks when you sign in on the main Associates page, but using the bar is usually faster.