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How Your Business Can Help Customers through Social Media Commerce

By Marsha Collier

When your employees discuss your business or interact on social media they can — in mere seconds — make your company shine or seriously damage your business’s reputation.

For your customers, the most important aspect in a transaction is the experience they have, not the attributes of your product or service. Online or in person, your employees are your first-level, frontline customer service representatives.

Each staff member who helps your business run on a daily basis should have a hand in your customer service. How your employees feel about you, as their leader, and the culture in which they work has a lot to do with whether they take pride in their work. If they have a positive attitude when speaking to or connecting online with customers, they put their best foot forward.

Hiring employees who care — who are as emotionally invested in your dream as you are — can make all the difference in your customer service success.

As a small-business person, you are your own human resources department. You have to hire and fire based on your instincts — and the task is never easy. In your business, you are actually an employee to your clients, and your employees are there to help me make the magic happen. Customer magic goes on 24/7; a “wow” lasts only a moment or two.

To make the magic happen for your customers, you need loyal employees who support you. And although finding employees who think like you and have the same level of commitment to customer service is tough, keeping them happy is even tougher.

By using social media in smart ways, you and your employees can reach out to many more customers!