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How to Link Products from Amazon through Social Media

By Marsha Collier

Linking to products on Amazon through social media can be a great way to connect with your customers and fans. You can offer information and resources, and be seen as an expert in your field.

A lawyer can give new clients a copy of a specific book to help them understand the legal process. Obstetricians also offer recommendations for books to read during pregnancy. A tailor can recommended a book on fabrics when asked a question. A physical therapist recommends a specific exercise device, or a dentist recommends a special electric toothbrush.

Are you starting to formulate ideas about business-related items to sell through your business? Thinking about merchandise should also help you think about business-related content for your website and social media outreach.

When someone becomes your client or customer, you can give them a product if you want. But those who visit your website are there to consume content — content that they consider valuable. Why not offer them something to buy? You don’t have to do a thing but put the Amazon-supplied code on your site.

If your customers purchase anything else when they visit Amazon to buy your featured item, you’ll get a percentage of those items. For example, if someone who purchases a book from one of your links also buys an iPad from a third party on Amazon, you could also get $24.34, or 6 percent of the purchase price.

Follow these steps to find merchandise on Amazon that may pertain to your business or give you an idea of the type of merchandise to procure from suppliers:

  1. List the keywords or items you think would complement your business and be relevant to your social media followers and website visitors.

  2. Go to Amazon and search for the keywords and items in your list.

    In the figure, a search for clean teeth and netted more than 8,600 results spread over 30 categories. On the left side of the screen, Amazon has products related to the search in distinct categories.

    Amazon Search Result Page.
    Amazon has more than 30 categories that stock items related to clean teeth.
  3. If you want to narrow your search to a category, click the category name.

  4. When you see a product that appeals to you (and your brand) and that might interest your website visitors, click the title to read the details.

    Take note of the sales rank as you review an item. If you have a choice between two similar products, why not select the one that is the most popular?

  5. If the product meets your requirements, copy and paste the item name to a list in another window.

    Alternatively, copy and paste the UPC or ASIN, which is usually in the product details section at the bottom of the item’s page, as shown.

    Product Details section on Amazon.
    Product Details contain SKU (stock-keeping unit) numbers.

Now that you have an idea of the types of items you want to feature on your website, it’s time to join Amazon Associates.