How to Establish Business Listings on Review Sites - dummies

How to Establish Business Listings on Review Sites

By Marsha Collier

An important step in building commerce on social media websites is to find your business on the review sites and claim your pages!

Yelp should be your first stop. In the figure, listed among the comments and data about the business, you can see an open invitation for the business owner to retrieve the page.

Yelp puts the business contact info front and center on a page.
Yelp puts the business contact info front and center on a page.

Finding your page may take a bit more effort on the review sites than on a search engine, but knowing where and how you’re listed are the first steps to “owning” your spaces. If your business has been miscategorized, people have difficulty finding you. Take the time to make the appropriate repairs to your listings so you can begin to build your reputation.

Check out the following review sites and see if your business is listed. Look for the words in quotes (next to the listed site name) when finding your business listing page to connect yourself as the business owner.

Find your page on these sites first instead of going directly to the site’s business hub if possible. Your goal is to get the information correct on your page, not wade through advertising pitches.

  • Click the link titled Edit Business Info. Work Here? Unlock This Business Page. If you don’t see that link, go to Yelp Support.

  • Click the Own This Business? link.

  • Click the Claim Business link.

  • Click the Business Owners link at the top of the site’s home page — only registered users can search the site for business listings.

  • Click the Claim Your Business link.

  • Click the Manage Your Listing link at the bottom of your business page.

  • Click the Edit Info|Are You the Owner? link.

  • Click the Restaurateurs Join Us link on your listing page.

If you arrive at your page and find a negative review, take a deep breath and step away from the computer. Remember that claiming your page and encouraging happy customers to post positive reviews will soon outweigh that unhappy person’s post. Keep the following in mind as well:

  • Do not be tempted to write a fake review. You run the risk of being banned from the site (your IP address marks your posts to servers wherever you go). Also, think of how embarrassing it would be if you were found out.

  • Remind happy customers to review your business. Perhaps put a small sign on your counter.

  • Don’t freak out if you have a less than stellar rating. If you have more than one negative review, you can use this as a learning experience. Perhaps the commenters mention some weaknesses in your company that you have overlooked. If the site permits, follow up with unhappy customers to see if you can rectify the situation.