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Hire Help for Social Media Commerce

By Marsha Collier

Although social media can help you get your name out, grow your business, and connect with customers, you may be worried that it will take up too much of your day. If you find that you simply don’t have the time for social media outreach, you may have to hire someone.

Many people claim to be experts in the social media realm, so be careful when you hire someone. Look for the following:

  • Their personal social media stream: If they aren’t active on one of the major sites, don’t waste your time interviewing them. Social media is a walk-the-walk type of business. If you don’t do it, you don’t understand it.

  • Work examples: They should be proud to provide examples of the work they’ve performed for their clients.

  • References: Call their current and former clients and find out if they had a satisfactory working relationship.

  • Level of maturity: Someone must have life experiences to fully understand the consequences of Tweeting for a business.

  • Communication skills: For social media execution, one needs to fully understand the meaning of innuendoes and the art of communication. Getting the point across requires top-notch writing skills.

  • Pricing: Know their prices and the level of service for those prices up front. On the low end, the person might Tweet five times a day for you and respond to those who Tweet back. On the high end, he might put together a Facebook page design and manage your Facebook responses. Additional platforms add to the costs.

Plenty of qualified, experienced social media freelancers and companies are available. Check out the directory at ReputationSpecialist.com.

The person you hire should at the minimum have a good grasp of your business and ideally be an expert in your field of endeavor. For example, if your business is in the automotive field, you might want to seek out Gary May of Los Angeles (on Twitter @imacsweb). He has 19 years of business development in the bicycle and automotive industries, and his company is highly respected as a leader in the automotive social media scene.