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Get Insights from Your Facebook Business Page

By Marsha Collier

One of the benefits of having a Facebook business page is being able to access statistical information on your fans. To hone in on that data, you can use Facebook Insights.

Open your fan or business page and click the Insights link. A summary of your posts appears, as shown in this figure, with statistical information on the levels of social engagement you received on each. The Insights overview page updates almost immediately.

Insights page for a Facebook business account.

The metrics on the overall performance of your page are displayed:

  • Total Likes: The total number of people who have stopped by and have clicked Like on your page. (In other words, they became a fan.)

  • Friends of Fans: The number of your fans multiplied by the number of their unique Facebook friends. This number is your current possible total reach. If a fan shares a post from your page on their page, their friends will see it. The more the merrier, eh?

  • People Talking about This: The number of unique (not repeat) visitors who posted about your page in the past seven days. These visitors may have liked, mentioned, commented on, or shared one of your posts. They may also have tagged you or your business in a photo or recommended your business.

  • Weekly Total Reach: The total number of unique visitors to your Facebook fan or business page in the past seven days.

The Total Likes and the People Talking about This numbers can be seen by anyone who visits your page and give them a clue as to the vibrancy of your fan interactions.

By going over this data, you can find out the types of posts that appeal to your readers (the sort of posts you should post more often) and those that don’t. To extract even more insight, click the numbers in each column.

If you sort your post according to most popular (Reach) by clicking at the top of the column, you see the dates of the post. Then click the date, and you see the time of day of the post. This information helps determine which days and times are best for connecting with your audience.

You’ll also get some interesting demographic data on your fans, who interacts on your page, and who your message is reaching. Age and gender (based on the data your fans entered when they filled out their Facebook profiles) are represented as a percentage. You can also determine where your fans are from and their native language.

This figure lines up three sets of age data. Compare the total number of fans of your page with who has interacted on your page in the past seven days.

Three sets of data about the people who like and talk about a facebook page.

Insights provides a huge amount of information. Now that you know where to find it, you can click and dig deeper.