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Build Online Revenue through Links on Amazon and Social Media

By Marsha Collier

Selling through images and content you share on popular social media sites is one great way to reach customers. You can do more than merely link to products — discover how to monetize your original content that you publish.

You’ll generate revenue on your website and social media through ads and links. If you produce valuable, read-worthy content, your audience grows by following your social media account and then visiting your website.

Consider the definition of social commerce from Wikipedia:

Social commerce is a subset of electronic commerce that involves using social media and online media to support social interaction and user contributions, to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services.

This is what you can accomplish through your social media outreach and from your website. If your stockroom has no products, read on to find out how to profit from affiliate links.

If you don’t have a product to sell, you can find items related to your service or profession on Amazon, link to them (through Amazon Associates) on your website or blog, and make a commission when the product is sold (more on that in the section that follows).

Amazon’s prices are often the lowest on the web, and when your visitors see an Amazon ad for a related product on your site, they may click and buy.

If you do have a singular or unique product (perhaps you’re a dentist with a special formula to whiten teeth or a personal trainer with a gizmo to protect hands while doing presses), you can sell that individual product on Amazon as well as on your website.

You also might have the opportunity to buy product from one of your suppliers and resell it online. Know that with Amazon (or eBay for that matter), you don’t have to pay for a store or pay monthly fees; you can just sell an item and pay the site a small percentage of the sale.

Amazon doesn’t want to share inside numbers on how many people shop at their website, but comScore recently released results from a study. “One in five Internet users worldwide visited an Amazon site in the month of June, making Amazon the most visited retail property on the Web with 282 million visitors.”

Mobile customers are also taking online shopping seriously. According to comScore, 44 million unique visitors accessed Amazon from a mobile device in March 2002. People love and trust Amazon, so partnering with them should be a good complement to your brand.

You don’t have to be a big brand or an online retailer to list an item for sale on Amazon. Anyone can do so.