7 Time-Saving Techniques for Microsoft Project 2016 - dummies

7 Time-Saving Techniques for Microsoft Project 2016

By Cynthia Snyder

Project management is all about saving time. But even with management tools like Microsoft Project 2016, your project might run longer than you expected. In that case, try the following methods to tighten the timing:

  • Modify dependencies so that tasks can start sooner, if possible.

  • Create overlapping dependencies using leads and lags, when appropriate.

  • Reduce the amount of slack (never get rid of it all!) on individual tasks.

  • Add resources to auto-scheduled, effort-driven tasks to have them finish earlier.

  • Break larger tasks into smaller chunks. Then do some of smaller chunks of work in parallel.

  • Consider whether your project can do without certain tasks (for example, a management review of a package design).

  • Outsource some of the work when in-house human resources can’t complete it because they’re busy with other tasks.