How to Print Your Outlook Calendar - dummies

How to Print Your Outlook Calendar

By Faithe Wempen

With an Outlook calendar, you can have your cake and eat it, too. You can not only have an electronic calendar, but also a paper one. Just print your Outlook calendar! You can print your Outlook calendar in Day, Week, Work Week, or Month view, for whatever date ranges you like.

To print your Outlook 2019 calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Display the calendar.
  2. Choose File → Print or press Ctrl+P.

    Check out these other Outlook 2019 keyboard shortcuts.

    The Print options appear.

    Outlook print options

  3. Check the printer name under the Printer heading.

    If it’s not correct, click the current printer name to open a list of available printers and choose a different printer.

  4. In the Print What area, click the style you want.

    Not only can you choose from a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly calendars, but you can choose from a couple of other views that are for printing only:

    • Tri-fold Style: Creates a compact calendar that shows your daily calendar, your Tasks list, and your weekly calendar, all in a format that you can easily fold for carrying in a pocket or envelope.
    • Calendar Details Style: Creates a listing of all the events on your calendar for the day, including all details stored about each one.
  5. Click Print Options.

    The Print Options dialog box opens.

    Outlook print options

  6. In the Number of Copies field, enter the number of copies you want. (1 is the default.)
  7. In the Print Range area, enter the starting and ending dates for the printout.

    If you specify that you want to print only a few days, but you choose Month view to print, Outlook prints the entire month (or months, if the chosen dates span two months). The same goes for weeks. If you specify only one day to print but print Week view, Outlook prints the entire week.

  8. Click Print.

    The calendar prints.