Using the Salesforce AppExchange to Measure Your Call Center - dummies

Using the Salesforce AppExchange to Measure Your Call Center

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

The heart of any call center lies in the metrics used to measure performance. Service Cloud provides great flexibility in creating your own reports and dashboard to monitor key data and agent productivity. Did you know that you can also use the AppExchange marketplace to get started? The AppExchange is an app store meant to kick Salesforce functionality up a notch.

To use the AppExchange, go to the top search bar to find custom apps or components based on keywords. Alternatively, browse to see the many apps and options that exist using the sidebar filters. You can sort by category, such as “Customer Service,” industry, or what’s popular or free.

When you click the app you’re interested in, you’ll find detailed information that usually includes

  • A demo video: An embedded YouTube video demoing app functionality.

  • Data sheets and whitepapers: Associated marketing content to get a good overview of the product.

  • Customer reviews and ratings: See what others have to say about it before making a decision to make sure it’s right for you.

  • Package details and components: From a more technical perspective, see exactly what you’d be getting and downloading to prevent potential configuration overlap.

  • System requirements: See the editions supported and the system requirements to ensure everything is compatible.

  • Test drive: Some apps allow you to test drive the app and actually play around with a limited version of it in an organization.

The AppExchange has some great apps to measure your call center. For example, let’s say you really wish Service Cloud would come standard with a field that calculates your case’s age in business hours. Worry not — there’s an app for that! And it’s free. Search for “Case Age in Business Hours.”

If you’re using a knowledge base, download and install the Knowledge Base Dashboards and Reports app. It’s free, takes five minutes to install, and provides a host of excellent canned reports for Knowledge to save you lots of time. Same goes for the Service and Support Dashboards app. Save hours of work and get started from day one with beautiful and meaningful analytics.