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Using Content records in Salesforce can be a helpful way to organize large amounts of information. After you contribute content to Content, you may need to update its details in Salesforce or find it for later use. Keep reading to find out how to perform these tasks.

Editing content

Search for and go to your Content record from the Content tab and follow these steps:
  1. Click the Edit button. The Edit drop-down list of options appears.
  2. Select the Edit Content Details option. The Edit Content window appears.
  3. Update the title and description. You can also upload new versions of files when changes have been made offline by selecting the Upload New Version option.
  4. (Optional) Add tags to this document if you want to identify it with words that may not be used in the standard library definitions. Separate words with commas. Be mindful of making the tag word too broad or too specific.
  5. Click Save.
Anyone subscribed to this Content record will be notified of any new versions that are uploaded.

You can subscribe to a Content record by clicking the Subscribe button at the top of the record. You’ll get an email anytime someone updates the file, along with an explanation of what changed.

Finding content

You can search for content from the search box located on the Content home page. Click the Content tab to go to the Content home page and then follow these steps:
  1. In the search box, type search terms. Optionally, check the filter check boxes to only search within a subset of all your Content. Filters include standard attributes like the content’s file format, or the author. This can also include everyone’s tag words, which is why an organized approach to creating tag words is advised. In addition to searching filenames, Salesforce Content searches the actual text contained in files of the following formats: rich text format (RTF); UTF-8 encoded TXT; HTML; XML; Adobe PDF; and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

    Search for content in Content.
  2. Click the Go button. The page reappears with a list of Content results based on your search.
  3. Select the appropriate check boxes for the file(s) you’re looking for, and then click the Download button to save copies to your computer. Alternatively, click the Title of Content record to see a preview of the file prior to downloading.
Preview content
Preview content before downloading.

While your content is a work in progress, you can leverage the Files tab to combine the features of Chatter and Salesforce Content. You’ll be able to share with specific co-workers or groups, collaborate and get feedback, and upload revisions. When you’re ready to publish, head over to the Libraries tab and show off your work.

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