Understanding Chatter Answers - dummies

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

Chatter Answers combines Cases, Questions & Answers, and Salesforce Knowledge in one easy tool for service organizations to provide self-service, online communities, and forums where customers, partners, and support agents can interact with each other to ask and answer questions.

Keep the following tips in mind with Chatter Answers:

  • Leverage multiple communities. Chatter Answers allows for multiple, dedicated communities to focus on particular topics and purposes. You can also brand and customize your communities to give each one a unique look and feel, or keep them consistent with your company’s colors and logos.

  • Encourage fair play. Chatter Answers communities allow users to flag abusive or inappropriate questions and replies. Encourage your users to interact with each other in a positive and productive manner, and be sure to set up your communities with active and engaged moderators who will nip inappropriate content and users in the bud.

  • Pay attention to popular posts and users. Customers can also like posts and knowledge articles that they find helpful to drive the popularity of the most relevant posts. Congratulate your customers and employees alike for consistently positive contributions to your communities. You could work in a best answers competition for your support agents and even tie the communities to compensation or rewards. Additionally, you might offer special perks for customers who are actively engaged with your brand by asking and answering questions in your communities.

  • Upload photos. Make it part of the onboarding process for your support agents to upload professional headshots in your communities and encourage your customers to do the same. Putting a face to the name will help strengthen your relationships with customers.

  • Train customers how to search. Be sure to communicate the search features of your Chatter Answers communities to your customers so that they become proficient at searching solved questions before asking again. This will help your organization in the long run as your customers become more and more comfortable with self-service, and the answered questions build up over time.

  • Reputation. Enable reputation points to allow users in your communities to gain points over time that will display on hover over their photos.