Sharing Knowledge with the Public via Salesforce Public Knowledge Base

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

With Salesforce Knowledge, your organization can now provide articles to the general public by using the Sample Public Knowledge Base for Salesforce Knowledge app. The app allows you to create a public knowledge base to share your organizational knowledge with the general public, saving your support teams time and money. You can download the app on the AppExchange, a marketplace for business applications created for the Salesforce community.

The listing for this app is private and can’t be found by searching on the AppExchange directly. You can find it by clicking the link above or by searching the Internet for “Sample Public Knowledge Base for Salesforce Knowledge.”

Creating a public knowledge base with this app requires additional development, so be prepared to engage with a developer at your organization before embarking on the journey to publicly available, self-service knowledge articles.

Here are some tips for preparing to install and implement the Salesforce Public Knowledge Base app:

  • Review the product demo video and the Details tab. Review the demo and the details tab to ensure that the app provides what you’re looking for in a public knowledge base. The application’s key benefits are its ease and speed of deployment, flexible customization options, and ability to make knowledge articles available to customers via Google search.

  • Read the entries on the Reviews tab. Even if you’re completely sold on an app from the AppExchange, reading the reviews tabs is always a good idea to get a sense of what other users of this app have experienced.

  • Contact the provider. Access contact information on the Provider tab and connect directly with the provider about any outstanding questions you may still have.

  • Connect with a developer. If you don’t have development skills, be sure to connect with a developer at your organization or seek outside help before installing this app.

    Creating a public knowledge base using this application still requires Sites and Visualforce development.