Outlining Business Hours for Support - dummies

Outlining Business Hours for Support

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

Business hours are an essential tool in the company profile of a customer support organization using Service Cloud. They’re used to specify when your support team is available for service and can be made unique to each call center. Use business hours in Service Cloud to make case escalations and report more accurate and insightful.

Business hours by default follow your organization’s default time zone and are set to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Use business hours in Service Cloud for the following:

  • Setting the hours a support team is available to work on a specific case: Add the Business Hours field to your case layouts so that your support team can set this value for a specific case.

  • Reporting: Although you can’t use the Business Hours field in reports or list views, you can use business hours on cases and custom field calculations to get more precise metrics and analytics.

  • More accurately triggering escalations: Use business hours in your escalation rules so that your criteria for case escalations isn’t run outside of business hours. For example, you don’t want your case escalated after hours on Friday if no one is in the office until Monday.

  • Holidays: Similarly, you don’t want your cases being escalated on New Year’s Eve, when nobody’s around.

  • Milestones and entitlements: If you’re using milestones or entitlements, associate business hours to milestones so that you can automate a dynamic dependency between business hours and case priority. For example, if an agent changes the case priority to High, this can trigger a new set of extended business hours reserved for high-priority cases.