How to Manually Update Member Statuses in Your Salesforce Campaign

By Liz Kao, Jon Paz

If your Salesforce campaign is designed to have recipients respond by phone or email, your reps can manually update records as they interact with campaign members. Reps might have to create lead or contact records first if you didn’t build your target list from Salesforce. For example, if you rent a third-party list for an email campaign, the respondent may not yet be recorded in Salesforce.

To manually update a lead or contact responding to a campaign, follow these steps:

  1. In the sidebar Search, search for the lead or contact. If you can’t find the lead or contact record, create it.
  2. Go to the specific lead or contact record page.
  3. Click the Edit button, make any changes to the record, and click Save. For example, you might use the fields to enter additional information supplied by the respondent.
  4. Use the related lists to log any related information or future activities.

Adding a member to a campaign

In those circumstances when your target list was built externally, reps need to add the member to the campaign.

To manually add a member to a campaign, go to the lead or contact record and follow these steps:

  1. In the Campaign History related list, click the Add to Campaign button. A Lookup box appears.
  2. Select the appropriate campaign view from the Search Within drop-down list to narrow your options, and use the search bar to find a campaign within that view. The Search Results page appears.
  3. Click the campaign name. The New Campaign Member page appears.
  4. Select the appropriate member status from the Status drop-down list and click Save. The Campaign Member detail page appears.

Updating the status of a current member

If the lead or contact is already linked to the campaign in Salesforce, you’ll want to update the member status when he or she responds.

To update member status manually, go to the lead or contact record and follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down the page to the Campaign History related list, and click the Edit button next to the relevant Campaign Name. The Campaign Member Edit page appears.
  2. Use the Status drop-down list to change the status and then click Save.