How to Add and Update Schedules on Opportunities in Salesforce - dummies

How to Add and Update Schedules on Opportunities in Salesforce

By Liz Kao, Jon Paz

If you manage opportunities using Salesforce in which your products or services are delivered over time, you can create schedules for your products by quantity, revenue, or both. By using schedules, you and your users can benefit in multiple ways:

  • If you’re on a sales team: You get a better gauge on revenue recognition, which could be significant if that affects compensation.
  • If you’re in product management: You can better forecast and plan for the number of units that you’ll have to deliver in future quarters.
  • If you’re part of a services organization: Schedules updated by reps provide a real-time gauge in planning your resources and projects.

Your system administrator must first set up your products with scheduling.

After scheduling is enabled for a product, set up a schedule by going to the Opportunity detail page and following these steps:

  1. Click the desired product in the Product Name column of the Products related list. An Opportunity Product page appears with a Schedule related list.
  2. Click the Establish button in the Schedule related list. An Establish Schedule page appears. If you see a Re-Establish button instead of an Establish button, you have an existing schedule already. Clicking Re-Establish deletes the old schedule and creates a new one by taking you to the Establish Schedule page.
  3. Complete the fields and click Save. Your fields may vary, depending on whether the product is set up for quantity, revenue, or combined scheduling. When you click Save, a schedule appears based on your choices.
  4. Review and modify the schedule. If the revenues or quantities aren’t equal over the periods that you first established, you can type over the values in the schedule. For example, these amounts may not be equal if your customer has negotiated varying types of ramped payments, or more payments during certain times of the year to accommodate for heavier seasonal business.
  5. When you’re done, click Save. The Opportunity Product page reappears with the schedule you established.

Over the course of an opportunity, if terms change, you can adjust the schedule on a product by clicking the buttons on the Opportunity Product page. To access an Opportunity Product page, go to the relevant opportunity record, scroll down to the Products related list, and click the desired product link from the Product column. The Opportunity Product page for the selected product appears with a Schedule related list. You can do the following with the schedule:

  • Modify the schedule. Click the Edit button.
  • Delete the schedule. Click the Delete button.
  • Establish the schedule all over again. Click the Re-Establish button.