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Wireless Streaming without Spotify Premium

By Kim Gilmour

The Spotify community never ceases to amaze — always coming up with innovative ways to wirelessly stream Spotify music through speakers. Some methods require geeky workarounds, and others require you to purchase an extra piece of software that’ll go the extra mile and deliver content through remote speakers.

But how about using a wireless setup to stream music to remote speakers without having to fork over some cash for a costly device? After all, you may already have a hi-fi setup that you’re perfectly happy with. You don’t need a Spotify Premium account, either — maybe you’re perfectly at ease with a Spotify Unlimited subscription (or even the Spotify Free option).

One of the most popular options is to use special software called Airfoil to stream music from your wireless-enabled computer to a preconfigured Apple Airport Express or an Apple TV that you’ve plugged into your speakers. Airfoil sits on your computer and picks up the audio signal coming from it.

By using your computer’s wireless connection, it transfers the music to your Apple Airport Express ($99/£79/€89) or Apple TV ($99/£99/€89). These two devices plug into your speaker setup, and sound is transferred through them. Simple!

Airfoil is manufactured by Rogue Amoeba and can be downloaded from its website. Both Windows and Mac versions are available. You can try it out for free to see how it works (some noise is overlaid over the audio until you pay up). A one-time license key costs $25 (£15.60 or €17) and is well worth it. The website is very well designed, too, so you should be able to find all the support you need.

You can also use Airfoil to stream stuff to other wireless devices on your network, such as your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad — or even other computers in the house.