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Why Wi-Fi Is Not Working when Syncing Spotify

By Kim Gilmour

If you’re trying to sync tracks by using Wi-Fi and your phone doesn’t appear below Devices in the Spotify window’s left sidebar, there are a few possible reasons why:

  • Firewall: If your Mac firewall is set to block all incoming connections, apart from what it thinks are essential ones, you might run into a few problems when connecting your mobile device to Spotify. Go into your security settings screen and, in your firewall’s advanced settings, deselect the Block All Incoming Connections check box and add Spotify to your Allowed list.

    Making these adjustments should take only a minute or so, but be sure you allow connections only for applications you trust. The procedure varies, depending on the version of OS X you’re using, so for exact guidance, go to Apple Support.

  • Wireless restrictions: Your wireless connection may be up and running, but there may be some restrictions on how it can be used or how many devices are connected to it. These restrictions typically happen in a work situation or perhaps a public Wi-Fi hotspot. You can contact the administrator for more information about whether the system has these restrictions and whether they can be relaxed.

  • Wrong wireless connection: Sounds obvious, but when your phone says you’re connected to a wireless network and your computer does, too, you might assume your’re hooked up to the same network

    But that may not be the case, so it’s worth double-checking by clicking the wireless logo in Mac or Windows, and seeing whether the name that appears in the pop-up window or menu matches the wireless setting on your phone. In your iPhone, you find this information by choosing Settings→Wi-Fi.